Май 2018

Second Language Research Methods

30 мая,18

Elana Shohamy, Herbert Seliger Based on a set of four research parameters, this book discusses the development of research questions …

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Second Language Learning in the Early School Years: Trends and Contexts

27 мая,18

Victoria Murphy Provides a much-needed overview of current themes and research on child second language learning. 2472.06 руб.  Читать фрагмент  …

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22 мая,18

Andrew Lang 0 руб.  Читать фрагмент  Купить книгу

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Literacy and Second Language Oracy

20 мая,18

Martha Bigelow, Elaine Tarone This book offers research evidence documenting the significant impact of low literacy skill on adolescents’ processing …

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Listen & Do

18 мая,18

Hana Svecova Thirty short, simple, physical activities to encourage children to listen and respond to spoken English. Responding physically to …

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Handbook of Classroom English

15 мая,18

Glynn Hughes This practical handbook is for trainee teachers who want to acquire accurate, authentic, and idiomatic classroom language, and …

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How Languages are Learned 4th edition

12 мая,18

Nina Spada, Patsy Lightbown Teachers are often told that new teaching methods and materials are ‘based on the latest research’. …

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Individual Freedom in Language Teaching

10 мая,18

Christopher Brumfit The book draws upon linguistic, psychological, philosophical, and sociolinguistic principles and uses practical examples from second, foreign, and …

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A Clerk of Oxford, and His Adventures in the Barons’ War

10 мая,18

Evelyn Everett-Green 0 руб.  Читать фрагмент  Купить книгу

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Cross-Curricular Activities

7 мая,18

Hana Svecova A selection of thirty units covering a wide variety of cross-curricular topics. Areas covered include maths, geography, biology, …

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